Brussels Protest 10th July 2013

CHOOSE LIFEOn Wednesday 10th July 2013, vapers from across Europe will meet together in Brussels to protest, peacefully, against the potential inclusion of Electronic Cigarettes as Medicines in the Revision to the Tobacco Products Directive.

They will meet up in Place Luxembourg (subject to the appropriate permissions, which have been applied for) at 12:30 local time, to prepare for a startling and memorable demonstration of what classifying e-cigs as medicines will actually mean – the continued early deaths of up to 2,000 smokers every day of every year. At 13:00, each vaper present will burst one or more black balloons, each one signifying the life of a smoker who, had they been allowed to switch to electronics cigarettes by choice and desire, would reach their full span, but, because of classification as medicines, which amounts to a de facto ban, will die early, as a smoker.

We hope to be joined by MEPs and other interested parties. Please join us.