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Could You Be A Presenter?

It’s that time of year again, when VTTV look for new blood for our shows, that doesnt mean we spill blood, oh no, we look after our presenters, train them […]

Dave’s Tackle Box

We are very sorry to announce that Dave’s Tackle Box will be off the air for a little while. This is due to the heavy workload that Dave is currently under, and no other reason.

Sensible Advice From Fire Brigade

The Isle of Wight Council’s trading standards team and the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service are advising users of electronic cigarettes to always charge them correctly.

VTTV is Back

Starting Monday 15th September, VTTV is back live at 9pm.

There are changes, and new line ups, which will be implemented gradually up to the Christmas period.


People keep asking that question, “when will Vapourtrails be back?” and I feel you need an answer as to what is happening…

Mark Jones

It is with deep sadness that we have to share with you the news of the death of our colleague and friend, Mark Jones, co-presenter of Tin Your Tip.

Advertising With VTTV

This year, VTTV has been closed to new advertisers, as we were awaiting the results from the Advertising Standards Authority regarding advertising rules for electronic cigarettes……

Age Restrictions

This site is for persons over the age of 18 years

ASH New Figures for April 2014

ASH – Action on Smoking and Health today (16th April 2014 published their new information pdf on smoking figures for the UK.  To read this publication please cut and paste […]

Congratulations to Damp-TV

Tonight, Thursday 27th February 2014, I was privileged to be invited to pop over and visit the brand new internet TV Network for our fellow vapers in the Netherlands. A […]

Christmas & New Year

We would like to wish all our viewers a very Merry Christmas, despite the Politician’s, the EU, Jeremy Mean, and

Movember Campaign

As of Friday the 1st November, our own Davey Mallick, will be taking part in the Movember campaign, to help raise awareness for mens health. During November each year, Movember […]


While the VTTV team members take the opportunity of going on holiday, we intend to bring you the show with a difference, TeamTalk. It’s not polished, and its not presented […]

Brussels Protest 10th July 2013

On Wednesday 10th July 2013, vapers from across Europe will meet together in Brussels to protest, peacefully, against the potential inclusion of Electronic Cigarettes as Medicines in the Revision to the Tobacco Products Directive.

Andy’s S.O.S.

This may upset all Andy Sutton’s fans, but until Andy is finished with his SWOF duties, which have to come first, his Saturday Show is on hold…..

Larger Chat Room

Yes, we have had to increase the capacity of our chat room, 100 just wasnt enough to cope with the demand. So if you have been watching Eastenders or some […]

Mr Nutty is Back !

Yes it’s official, Andy Sutton is making a much welcomed return to VTTV.

Seasonal Break

The VTTV team are having a well earned seasonal break this Christmas, with shows ending on the 23rd December and not commencing till the 3rd January.  Of course, should there […]

We Now Have Beginners Corner

I know we have promised our viewers a Beginners Corner for some time, well, finally we have it started. In time we will be adding a whole load of interesting […]

Halloween Special VTTalk

Well it had to be done, and Dave Dorn and Sav, truly went to town to try and spook us all……..

Joint Hosts of Tin Your Tip

Garry since returning from holiday has found himself totally snowed under with both his day job and work to be done at home, that workshop has to be erected for example, so he is taking a break from VTTV for around a month to catch up.

Stay up to date, with Podcasts

Podcasts are clever bits of stuff, really. If you subscribe, you get every show we do delivered to your favourite device automatically. Of course, you don’t have to watch it […]

Andy Moves Behind Scenes

Andy RoadhogUK is moving behind the scenes, Yes, its official folks, Andy will still be seen from time to time on VT’s and multi presenter shows, but, he wants to follow his expertise……

Bob’s Basics

A new feature for The Haze Hour, Bob’s Basics is a must see for those folk new to electronic cigarettes, or those thinking of switching to them. Bob’s Basics is […]

Podcasts, RSS feeds and other clever stuff

There’ll be more on this, but, if you want to download your favourite channel and take it with you everywhere you go, you can. You can subscribe to our feed […]

Cat’s Olympic Torch Video

If you missed it in your neck of the woods, check out Cat’s video filmed when the Olympic torch made its way into Newcastle upon Tyne, via her home in […]

June Bank Holidays

Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th June. As these are both bank holidays the VTTV team are also going to have a few days off, so dont be surprised if you […]

Videos Wanted !

As our beloved Andy RoadhogUK is going to be away for a couple of weeks, I am desperately trying to put a show together for airing on the 8th May.


Sunday 8th April is normally time for Dave’s Tackle Box, but as it is also Easter Sunday, and Dave is going on holiday for a few days, we shall be having a day off VTTV.

I am sure viewers understand how hard we all work and wont mind us enjoying our Easter Eggs..

So we wish you all a very happy Easter…

World Vaping Day

So what has VTTV planned to celebrate this event?

Starting Sunday 18th March, VTTV in conjunction with Janty are giving away a Janty Neo Set during every show, culminating in 10 kits on the day itself !

Could You Be A VTTV Presenter?

Could you see yourself in front of a camera presenting a Show, electronic cigarette related?

Well, if you are a confident, outgoing type of person, have a computer with good internet connection and webcam, with plenty of time to spare, then we are looking for you.

Show Changes

A Change about in Shows from 28th February. Please read to find out new times, and what show is on when.

Vapourtrails Forum

Yes VTTV has finally got a forum, where you can go, and post questions, responses etc., to the shows we put forward weekly. Each show has its own category, where […]

Tin Your Tip !

A brand new show for Saturday afternoons at 13:00 GMT. Tin Your Tip stars the UK’s favourite modder, Mr Garry Dibley, affectionately known as ‘The Modfather’.

Beginners !

Are you new to vaping, and simply don’t know where to start or what to buy? Well here at VTTV we are going to do all we can to help you on your vaping journey. Every show will have a beginners corner, where we will be explaining how, whatever we are looking at, applies to beginners.

The Haze Hour

Thursday 8th December 21:00 GMT

Dave and Keith, once again, discuss all things ecig related.

New Time Slot For The Potting Shed

As of Tuesday 29th November 21:00 GMT The Witching Hour with Cat & Sav is to be replaced with RawVeg’s Potting Shed.

Cozz talks to Kurt and Box Elder about bad nic base

Our friends at VapteTV got the CEO of Box Elder live to answer the allegations of 272mg concentration nicotine base in bottles labelled at 100mg. It makes interesting listening…

Introducing Our New Presenter

All of us at VTTV are delighted to announce that Rawveg, Mr Tim Green, will be joining the VTTV very soon to present a show for the enthusiasts out there.

“In The Corner” No More 🙁

Friday 4th November – 20:00 GMT
Friday 4th November – 20:00 GMT

Sadly life circumstances mean that MightyMouse is no longer a presenter for, so there is no show for Friday nights at this time.

VTTALK live from TW Wigan @ 8pm

On the 2nd November at 8pm VTTalk will be coming to you live from the New Totally Wicked Store in Wigan, Lancashire.

Hopefully, chat delays permitting, we shall be able to ask Jason and his team, some of your questions, and you never know, Mr Wicked may be around too.

VTTalk from Barnsley 12th Oct

On the 12th of October 8pm VTTalk will be coming to you live (connection permitting) from :- The Anglers Rest 66 Park Street Wombwell Barnsley S73 0HS We have been […]

Forum Watch

Another new feature to be screened by Cat & Sav is Forum Watch. This feature will see Cat & Sav checking out the forums for news, views, and articles of […]

ROOM 101

Room 101 is coming to The Witching Hour with Cat & Sav, so if you have any vaping related items or juices you feel deserve to be placed in room […]

The Vapourmists Swop With Cat

For this week only the Vapourmists will be changing nights with Cat & Sav.  So you will all have to wait till Tuesday to see what Andy Garrett, and Jim, […]

9/11 A Memorial 10 years on

A touching Memorial by MightyMouse of that tragic day 10 years ago. The whole world mourned with the United States that day, and 10 years on, we still do. God […]

Out & Abouts Wanted

Summer has arrived and those lucky enough, are going or have been on holiday, so Cat would like you all to do a short Video, 5 to 10 mins, of YOU out and about with your ecigs.

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HAZE HOUR re-scheduled for Sunday 17th July

As Dave is now feeling well enough to present his Haze Hour Show, the show that was due to go out on the 14th is now going out Sunday 17th […]

EU to tighten up on e-cigs?

They’re at it again – this time, specifically targetting e-cigs:

SS GGTS Sell Out covered the on-sale and sell-out of the all-new GGTS in Stainless Steel – here’s how it happened…

The Haze Hour 23rd May

The Haze Hour on 23rd May features an interview with an employee of one of the nation’s biggest Herbal Remedies retailers – and the similarities between the way they’ve been […]

We twitter you not!

You’ve watched the show, you’ve checked out the Facebook page…  We love twitter and we use it a lot! Join the witty banter on twitter. We use twitter to find […]

VTTV on VP Live!

VTTV’s two Dave’s (Hifistud and The happy Vaper) were featured guests recently on US vaping radio station VP Live. VP Live is run by Kevbow who is the man behind […]

Rescheduled Show for FDA Regulation

This show could not be recorded due to problems with UStream. The problems caused an 8 minute delay between the recording and what the viewers saw on screen in the […]

Live Chat Special- One Night Only

As Hifi is on holiday, there will be no Haze Hour, instead tonight, our own Smoke2Vape, Andy Sutton is hosting another Live Chat Special, which proved so popular last week. […]

Jez’s Birthday Greetings

Check out the Greetings sent to Jez on his 26th Birthday on the 29th March.  

Facebook Page

Check us out on the FB…   Add your vaping pics and videos- and we might feature them on the show! Post questions, request juice and kit reviews.  Got news?  Let […]

New Study Finds Electronic Cigarettes More Effective Than NRT for Quitting Smoking

A new study being published online ahead of print today in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine reports that electronic cigarettes are a promising tool to help smokers quit, producing […]

First show starts to take shape…

Welcome!  The first show is starting to take shape!  See the schedule for when it’s happening!  There will be 1 or 2 Skype interviews, a massive juice giveaway and a […]

Vapourtrails TV Launch

Sunday 6th February 2011 @ 7.00pm GMT Scheduled launch of Vapourtrails TV.

On The Xmas Effect And The Unpredictability Of The British Postie

Hi, I’m Dave, and I’m a techoholic. My story is a long one, and I am somewhat ashamed of its beginnings. It all started with a Tandy breadboard system my […]

Welcome to Vapourtrails TV

Vapourtrails TV is a new UK based TV Channel dedicated to electronic cigarette news, reviews and how-to guides for new and experienced vapers alike. We’re scheduled to launch in early […]