Chris Heseltine (aka Cat )pictured with daughter Sav, in the days when she presented “The Witching Hour, can class herself as truly international, she  was born in Wales, lived in Holland, Wales, Scotland and now the North of England.

She has worked as a Secretary and finally as an Airport Police Officer before retiring through ill health.

Married to Ron, with two grown up kids and three Grandchildren,  Chris works in a voluntary role as a Branch Co-ordinator for Newcastle Cats Protection, a role she thoroughly enjoys, being very interested in Animal Welfare. I’m sure everyone is familiar with Chris’s Parrots, Dogs and Cats, who took every opportunity to appear by her side.

Chris changed her smoking habits on the 16th March 2009, after 43 years of a 20 a day habit, and classes herself as an ‘extremist’ when it comes to e-cigs.  She loves faffing around with rebuilable atomisers, and is a sucker for those ‘shiny’ e-cigs out there. She mixes her own juice, and has done virtually since she switched.

catfilesnailsavatarThese days, Cat prefers to work on the Production side of things, filing her nails while watching the Shows. Well, wouldn’t you, she doesn’t like to miss anything, and loves to boss everyone in the Team around.