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The Vapourmists

Tuesday 3rd July – 21:00 BST

The Vapourmists – Andy & Julie or Jim, are no longer going to present full shows as Andy is moving over to the production side of VTTV.

The Vapourmists

Tuesday 26th June – 21:00 BST

The Vapourmists once again come to entertain and educate us in their own style.


Sunday 24th June – 21:00 BST

Dave Kitson is unable to bring you Dave’s Tackle Box tonight, so instead, Mr & Mrs Andy Roadhog and maybe a Jim, will be stepping in to avoid disappointment.


Tuesday 12th June – 21:00 GMT
Andy received the Vapage back, after he sent it back with a fault. Julie flashes the Gripper, and Andy gets a look at the Vivi Nova V2.

The Vapourmists

Tuesday 29th May – 21:00 BST
Tonight Julie and Andy feature the Splash, and sample some RAWR juices, as well as showing a couple of videos from Cat re the Vivi Nova

The Vapourmists

Tuesday 22nd May – 21:00 BST

Join Andy & Julie, for another informative and entertaining ‘Mist” hour.

The Vapourmists

Tuesday 15th May – 21:00 BST

Hopefully Andy Roadhog and his lovely wife, Julie, will be back to entertain and instruct us all with their usual humour …

Cat & Sav

Tuesday 1st May – 21:00 BST

Mr and Mrs Mist cannot be with you tonight, so Cat and Sav are stepping in with a look at the new Janty Ego X and Cat shows you how she makes up the wick for the Line..

The Vapourmists

Tuesday 24th April – 21:00

Mr and Mrs Andy Roadhog, will once again take to the airwaves with their own amazing humour, and entertain us with another hour of ecig banter.

The Vapourmists

Tuesday 17th April – 21:00 BST

Andy will be back with another hour of unmissable humour in his usual style.

The Vapourmists

Tuesday 10th April – 21:00 BST
Tonight’s show features the replacement of a wick in the iMist, and a starter kit from UKEliquid, as well as a visit to Bizzy the new vaper.

Cancelled Show

Tuesday 3rd April – 21:00 BST
As Andy is not very well and Jim is busy working, the Mists wont be with you tonight.

Normally we do try and put on a multi presenter show.. but tonight weather conditions have caused connection problems, and along with this, some members of the team have prior commitments or are on holiday.. so with regret, we cannot bring you a show this evening.

Multi Presenter Show

Tuesday 27th March – 21:00 GMT

The Vapourmists couldnt be with us tonight, so tonight we bring you a multi presenter special.An hour of mayhem and madness with some ecigs thrown in..

The Vapourmists

Tuesday 20th March – 21:00 GMT

Andy wasn’t very well last week, but this week he is feeling much better, and even has Mrs Andy by his side, as Jim is once again stuck at work.

Multi Presenter Show

Tuesday 13th March – 21:00 GMT

As Andy was a poorly, the team, Dave Dorn, Sav, Garry Dibley and Cat got together for a bit of chat with everyone in the Chat room..

The Vapourmists

Tuesday 6th March – 20:00 GMT

Andy & Jim are looking at the ROK starter kit, and the Eluiq Cartomiser on tonight’s show, and there is a new Vaper around, is this another Keith?

The Vapourmists

Monday 27th February – 20:00 GMT

Andy RoadhogUK is on his own for this show, but Jim is with him in spirit, via video, when he looks at an Ego C.

The Vapourmists

Monday 20th February – 20:00 GMT

Andy doesnt have Jim with him, instead the lovely Julie, Andy’s Wife, adds support to this show, where Andy looks at the Halo, and the EVO.

The Vapourmists

Monday 13th February 20:00 GMT

It’s Monday it’s Vapourmists night, but will that be Mr and Mrs Mist, Andy and Julie, or will Jim be back, we shall have to wait and see.

The Vapourmists

Monday 6th February – 20:00 GMT

Those Mists strike again.. yes, another Monday and another opportunity for the Mists to create mischief and mayhem…

The Vapourmists

Monday 30th January, – 20:00 GMT

Those Mists are on air once again, bringing their usual mischief to the world of vaping.

The Vapourmists

Monday 23rd January 21:00 GMT

Monday Night is Vapourmist Night ! But what has Andy been up to this week? Has Jim made his way across from Deepest Darkest Wales? tune in a find out…

The Vapourmists

Monday 16th January – 20:00 GMT

It’s that time of the week again when chaos reigns at VTTV as the Vapourmists are allowed out and about…

The Vapourmists

Monday 9th January – 20:00 GMT

Now you have to admit it’s been quiet without them, but at least one Mist has returned to welcome 2012 as only The Mists can…. B*****ks !

The Vapourmists

Monday 19th December ~ 20:00 GMT

It’s the last Mist show before Xmas, so what have the mischief makers got in store for us?

The Vapourmists

Monday 12th December – 20:00 GMT

Monday is a night not to be ‘mist’ as the ‘Mists’ are set free on the world of e-cigs.

The Vapourmists

Monday 5th December – 20:00 GMT

Hopefully, we have two Mists for this weeks show, double trouble….

The Vapourmists

Monday 28th November ~ 20:00 GMT
Andy is on his own for this weeks show, but, that doesn’t stop the fun, and frolics. Special attention is given to a DC attie on the Lavatube, the RokStar, and of course, a juice or two…

The Vapourmists

Monday 21st November – 20:00 GMT

It’s those darned Mists again, what are they up to now? Tune in and find out….

The Vapourmists

Monday 14th November – 20:00 GMT

Join Andy and Jim, once again, for another hour of mayhem and madness…

The Vapourmists

Monday 7th November 20:00 GMT

Those ‘Mists’ are about once again, reviews, rants and raves, all in one package.

The Vapourmists

31st October ~ 20:00 GMT

The combination of the Mists and Halloween is just too much to contemplate….. scary…..

The Vapourmists

Monday 24th October – 20:00 GMT

The boys are back in town, and bets are on that no cartomiser will escape unscathed..

The Vapourmists

Monday 17th October ~ 20:00 GMT

It’s time for those ‘Mists’ again, an hour of raves and rants, fun for all.

The Vapourmists

Monday 10th October ~ 20:00 GMT – Those Vapourmists are at it again, tune in at 8pm to see what mischief they get up to this week.

The Vapourmists ~ 3rd October 11

Monday 3rd October 20:00GMT

Join Andy Roadhoguk and Jim Durinthium for another mad hour of doing what only the Vapourmists can do.

The Vapourmists ~ Episode 16

Tuesday 27th September 20:00 BST

Andy Garrett is changing nights with Cat as he is doing all kinds of techie stuff with his computer, so you will have to wait one more night to see exactly what ‘The Mists’ has been up to all week.

The Vapourmist(s)

Monday 19th September – Join Andy and Jim for a show devoted to the furtherance of e-cig knowledge with respect to the suitability (or otherwise) of its associated paraphernalia… RANT ON!

The Vapourmists – Show 14

The boys blather on about stuff, take a look at CE3’s, Jims poor suffering other half and an encore half hour with Gourmet e-liquid! a fun-packed show! A Note from […]

The Vapourmists – Show 13

Monday 5th September – 20:00 BST

Andy Garret is on his own tonight, but half a Mist is better than none, and a splendid show is promised. Andy has a nice new mod, made of wood, to show everyone, and will be showing some footage of his day out at Silverstone, so it’s going to be unmissable…

The Vapourmists – Show 12

Technical difficuties DID ensue. vPlayer will be sorted shortly!   29-08-11 @ 2000 BST   Jim & Andy return with the show that never happened due to technical difficulties both […]

The Vapourmists – Show 12 ( cancelled )

Monday 22nd August ~ 20:00 BST

Cancelled due to tech difficulties, informal chat with Cat instead

The Vapourmists – Show 11

Monday 15th August – 20:00 BST

Just what will Andy G and Jim be getting up to this week? Tune in at 8pm to find out, when all will be revealed, well, we hope not….. but you never know.
One thing for sure, Garry Dibley will be bringing you lesson 2 in How To Make Your Own Mod.

The Vapourmists – Show 10

Monday 8th August – 20:00 BST

Andy is minus Jim this week, but that’s no reason for the fun to stop, as Garry Dibley will be ‘the guest of honour’ showing us all his ‘How To’ Lessons

The Vapourmists – Show 9

  Jim & andy take a look at the Echo, the R2-750 ecigs and the Dual Coil XXXL Cartomisers!

The Vapourmists – Show 8

Jim & Andy take a look at the Apex Alpha Ultramax, some pre-release CE3s and tri-coil cartos!

The Vapourmists ~ Show 7

Monday 11th July 2000 BST It’s a juicy day for the boys!! The Weekly Look At New Gear On The Web Jim & Andy take a look at a new […]

The Vapourmists – Show 6

The Vapourmists Show 6 ~ 20:00 BST  July 4th This week the boys: Get some goodies from vendors far and wide (including a cutie from China!). Look back on a […]

The Vapourmists – Episode 5

The Vapourmists Episode 5 ~ 20:00 BST June 27th Andy & Jim take a look at the simple Boge E-cig. Take 1.5 ohm and 2.0 ohm DCCs head to head […]

The Vapourmists ~ Episode 4

The Vapourmists ~ Episode 4 Monday June 20th, 8pm BST The boys take a look at the evilist of evil ~ The clearomiser family. Beware, may contain scenes unsuitable for those […]

The Vapourmists – Ep 3

The Vapourmists Episode 3 ~ 20:00 BST 13/06/11 Andy returns for his first show. With a knackered Jim and tales from the dark side, the Vapourmists are back at full […]

The Vapourmists – Episode 2

Episode 2 – Monday 6th June 20:00 BST. Jim (and VT Andy) Return for the second show! The Beer Vape of the Week Some High Drain Batteries The EGO XL […]

The Vapourmist Show Ep.1

Ep.1 – Monday 30th May 2011 @ 8pm: They’re coming…. they’re here! Jim and Andy aka The Vapourmists with their VTTV Debut!