Olympic Torch Passes By

It’s Friday 15th June, and there seems to be something happening… So I finish up doing the dishes, as you do, and grab the old camcorder, well you never know, […]

UK Vapefest 2011 – The Happy Vaper Report


Vapefest 2011 in five minutes…

Do Vapefest in record time… ain’t time-lapse wonderful!

Decadent Vapours at Vapefest 2011

VapeFest – the Main Event

Jim and Andy show you round 2011’s main event

No Smoking in Here, Sir!

This is why looky-likeys, although apparently attractive, don’t really work in public buildings.

Vaping in the countryside (again). Calke Abbey and Melbourne

Another of DaveK’s walks in the country!

The gift of vapour…

Giving the gift of vapour…