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NNA Special

Tuesday 23rd June – 21.00 In a special Melee, Keef and Rhydian talk to the Trustees of the NNA. Come and ask your questions, too.


Friday 27th June – 17:00 BST

Dave Dorn reports LIVE from the GFN conference in Warsaw, Poland.


Wednesday 18th June – 21:00 BST

Sav and Dave host Lorien Jollye, Louise Ross and John Diver to discuss the latest in the ecig world.


Wednesday 11th June – 21:00 BST

Sav and Dave host Sara Jakes, Lorien Jollye, John DIver, and Andy Sutton for their takes on the APPG meeting and the Welsh Senedd meetings.


Thursday 5th June – 21:00 BST

Sav and Dave are joined by Pete Dermody, Simon Thurlow and Clive Bates to discuss the ASH Wales Conference and the new Early Day Motion


Thursday 29th May – 21:00 BST

Dave and Sav host a special show tonight with news of the letter to the WHO, and Gerry Stimson, and Lorien Sea will be joining them.


Thursday 22nd May – 21:00 BST

Professor Robert West and coverage of the Welsh Assembly. Tonight’s show promises to be exciting.


Sunday 18th May – 21:00 BST

No Dave Kitson tonight, as he is off celebrating his birthday with a visit to see his favourite band, The Damned, but instead we have VTTalk….


Thursday 1st May – 21:00 BST

Dave & Sav are joined by Sarah Jakes to take a look at the latest goings on in the ecig world


Thursday 24th April – 21:00 BST

Sav and Dave host the NNA’s John Diver to discuss the NNA, the FDA and possibly etiquette!


Thursday 17th April – 21:00 BST

Guests, SlimUK and Lorien, join Dave and Sav this evening


Thursday 13th March – 21:00 GMT

Sav and Dave welcome Sarah Jakes and John Diver to discuss Stealth Juice, EFVI, and the expanding advocacy of ecigs.


Thursday 6th March – 21:00 GMT

Tonight Dave & Sav are joined by Louise Ross (grannylouisa), look at Viscount Lord Ridley’s Newsnight appearance with Martin McKee, and Dave K joins to give an update on the Brussels Trip.


Thursday 27th February – 21:00 GMT

Sav and Dave host Katherine Devlin of ECITA to discuss the way forward


Thursday 20th February
Tonight Dave & Sav are joined by Lorien and Sarah in order to discuss the Split and Separate vote for the TPD.


Thursday 13th February – 21:00 GMT

Sav and Dave welcome Alan Depauw of the French Vapers’ organisation, Aiduce to discuss the latest happening in ecigs


Thursday 6th February – 21:00 GMT

Sav and Dave discuss where we are now, Clive Bates wades in, and we look at How the public sees ecigs now.

Happy Birthday Vapourtrails.tv – 3 years old today!


Thursday 30th January – 21:00 GMT

On VTTalk, Sav and Dave will host… Someone… And look at some interesting documentation to do with ecigs.


Thursday 23rd January – 21:00 GMT Today is the big day when ITV airs, its show about electronic cigarettes, so Chris Choi is Dave’s guest and no doubt he will […]


Thursday January 16th – 21:00 GMT Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos joins Dave, Keith and Sav tonight for a chat about his new research study and takes some questions from chat on […]


Thursday 9th January – Sav, Keith and Dave host Matt Gerish (Psybernoid) talking about #BBCVapemeet and Sarah Jakes (Twigolet) talking about a new BBC R4 prog on e-cigs.


Wednesday 18th December 21:00 GMT

Dave Kitson joins Sav and Dave for this very important update on the TPD Directive.


Wednesday 11th December – 21:00 GMT

Tonight, In the wake of new revelations, we look at what Trilogue came up with today and consider the future


Wednesday 4th December – 21:00 GMT

In VTTalk tonight, we look at the current situation with the EU, and discuss how europe can try and save the day. Dave Kitson and Steffi from DETalk, as well as Jacques le Houezec join Dave and Sav to answer your questions.


Wednesday 27th November – 21:00 GMT

Tonight on VT Talk Dave & Sav are joined by ITV’s Chris Choi to discuss today’s events, plus more at 9pm


Wednesday 20th November – 21:00 GMT

Lorien joins Dave and Sav to discuss the weeks news.


Wednesday 13th November – 21:00 GMT

Dave’s subject matter for discussion tonight is the E-cig Summit conference, held in London yesterday 12th November. Gerry Stimson will be joining the team who traveled down.


Wednesday 6th November – 21:00 GMT

Nathan closes an illegal nicotine seller, Oz prosecutes e-cig user and BAT’s announcement today.


Wednesday 30th October – 21:00 GMT

Sav and Dave are joined by guests, Andy Sutton and MEP Rebecca Taylor for a fact filled show.


Wednesday 23rd October – 21:00 BST

Mark Shawe joins Dave and Sav for tonight’s discussion show.


Wednesday 16th October – 21:00 BST

VT Talk examines why the BMJ is suppressing science, why a woman aged 111 got there smoking till 103 and how e-cigs don’t damage the heart.


Wednesday 9th October – 21:00 BST

Dave and Sav will look at the results from Plenary and see what they mean for vapers

TPD Plenary-alternative YOUTUBE feed

Tuesday 8th October – 08:00 BST

If you cant view the feed on our LIVE Broadcast page, you can watch the youtube feed here, and you can change the resolution to your own setting.


Wednesday 2nd October – 21:00 BST

The date for Plenary is now so close, and tonight a Dave brings in Clive Bates and Gerry Stimson, to tell us how things currently stand.


Wednesday 25th September – 21:00 BST

Sav and Dave will be hosting an ECCA committee member to discuss the ASA’s rulings on four ads, and the up-coming e-cig summit.


Wednesday 18th September – 21:00 BST

Dave and Sav look at the latest news from the Courts in Germany and some information from Stan Glantz and Phillips, it all makes interesting listening…


Dave and Sav report back from the ecig dialog at the Guild Hall (with vid) & talk Snus with Swedish Television


Wednesday 4th September – 21:00 BST

Dave and Sav are back from Brussels, and today we find out what they were up to while there.


Wednesday 31st July – 21:00 BST

Sav and Dave are joined by Mark Jones and Davey Mallick, to look at the latest e-cigs on the market and discuss, well, things in general…


Wednesday 24th July – 21:00 BST

Sav and Dave host Oliver Kershaw – Smokey Joe to many – to discuss recent happenings and plot and plan for future action, with a tool for you to use.


Wednesday 17th July – 21:00 BST

As Dave is still a little ‘under the weather’ tonights show is being hosted by Garry Dibley. And Garry has a guest, Louis who works with Garry is a convert to ecigs.


Monday 8th July – 21:00 BST

Tonight on VTTV we have a bit of a change, join Dave & Sav for VT Talk tonight before they head off to Brussels.


Wednesday 3rd July – 21:00 GMT

Tonight, Prof Gerry Stimson joins Dave and Sav, to talk about the forthcoming trip to Brussels.


Wednesday 26th June – 21:00 BST

Dave & Lorien Sea discuss the week’s issues and announce the Brussels Balloon Trip… IT’S ON!!!!


Wednesday 19th June – 21:00 BST

The team looks at what happened on JURI today, discusses what the prognosis is and all sorts of other stuff – plus – fancy a day out or three??


Wednesday 12th June – 21:00 BST

The MHRA have posted their position on the future of ecigs, but what does it all mean? Join Dave and Sav to find out more.


Wednesday 5th June – 21:00 BST

Dave & Sav host Jon Spring & Lorien Sea to talk about the NICE guidelines and how the Press has reported them, news of the German version of the show. Plus has Glennis had a change of heart?


Wednesday 29th May – 21:00 BST

On the eve of the EU ENVI ammendments, Clive Bates joins the VTTalk team as the special guest of the evening.


Wednesday 22nd May – 21:00 BST

Dave and Sav host Jon Spring and Lorien Sea of ECCA and look at recent telly stuff as well as the amendments published today


Wednesday 15th May – 21:00 BST

Dave hosts Katherine Devlin of Ecita, to discuss current happenings and the future, while Daz steps into Sav’s shoes,


Wednesday 8th May – 21:00 BST

Tonight on VT Talk, Mark Shawe and Caerulean Sea join Dave and Sav to go over yesterday’s ENVI E-cig Workshop


Wednesday 1st May – 21:00 BST

Tonight on VT Talk Dave and Sav look at all the goings on in the e-cig world this week and are joined by special guest Darren Burns from Safercigs


Wednesday 24th April – 21:00 BST
Gerry Stimson joins the VTTalk team to discuss this weeks events…..


Wednesday 17th April

Dave Dorn and Sav present another VTTalk. Tonight, our guest is Jacques le Housec, President of the SRNT Europe and staunch e-cig advocate, as well as leader of e-cig consumers in France


Wednesday 10th April – 21:00 BST

Dave and Sav are joined by Dave Kitson and Andy Sutton for tonight’s VTTalk, and no doubt the EU and tweets will be the subject matter of this popular show.


Wednesday 3rd April – 21:00 BST – For tonight’s Show, Dave and Sav welcome Dave Kitson and Andy Sutton with a rather important announcement. And other stuff, too. Maybe.


Wednesday 27th March – 21:00 GMT
Dave Kitson joins Dave and Sav for another of our popular talk shows.


Wednesday 20th March – An early start for tonight’s show, where Dave lets us listen to the audio only mp3 recording of the EU stakeholder meeting that took place in Brussels on the 19th March…


Wednesday 13th March – 21:00 GMT

Dave Dorn is back to join Sav for another hour of VTTalk. Tonight’s guest is ….


Wednesday 6th March – Dave Kitson is in the chair for tonight’s show..


Wednesday 27th February – 21:00 GMT

Dave Dorn updates everyone on his recent visit to London,


Wednesday 20th February – 21:00 GMT

Dave invites fellow presenters and the visitors in our chat to discuss the future of ecigs.


Wednesday 13th February – 21:00 GMT

Dave Dorn shares the info he has received from……


Wednesday 6th February – 21:00 GMT

VTTV is 2 years old today, so tonight, the team from those first days are back, yes, Andy Sutton, Dave Kitson, Cat and Dave Dorn, while Sav and Daz take any questions chat may have.


Wednesday 30th January – 21:00 GMT Tonight’s VTTalk has Daz in the chair assisting Dave Dorn, with tonights show. And tonight the guest on the show is Matt, known on […]


Wednesday 23rd January – 21:00 GMT

Tonight’s guest on VTTalk is Carl Phillips,


Wednesday 9th January – 21:00 GMT Tonight’s guest is Clive Bates, former  Directive of ASH, who joins Dave Dorn and Sav in order to discuss the EU Tobacco Directive.


Wednesday 19th December – 21:00 GMT

Dave & Sav are joined by Matt Gluggles to discuss the EU Directive, the FDA and Intellicig and BAT, is it good news, bad or what?


Wednesday 12th December – 21:00 GMT

It’s time for VTTalk, the show that takes the time to discuss the issues


Wednesday – 5th December – 21:00 GMT Tonights guest on VTTalk is KevBow from Vapersplace, who contributes to an interesting discussion on the possible future of ecigs.  


Wednesday 28th November – 21:00 GMT

It’s Wednesday and it’s the night Prof Gerry Stimson returns to VTTalk.


Wednesday 21st November – 21:00 GMT

Tonight Keith changes from his regular night of Thursday to join Dave and Sav for a discussion he can get his teeth into………….


Wednesday 14th November – 21:00 GMT

Garry Dibley joins the team tonight to relate his experience regarding ‘ a harmless package’


Wednesday 7th November – 21:00 GMT

Tonight’s guest is Professor Gerry Stimpson…..


Wednesday 31st October – 21:00 GMT It’s Halloween, the night of Ghosts and Ghoulies and Long Legged Beasties.. as well as Dave and Sav of course, and tonights topic for […]

VT Talk

Dave Dorn, Sav and Cat bring you topical items, this week featuring AEMSA and any possible ramifications that may have on the UK


Wednesday 17th October – 21:00 BST Dave shows a piece of news that was broadcast on Channel 4 re ‘quitting smoking’ and harm reduction, and opens it up for comments […]


Wednesday 10th October – 21:00 BST Tonights show features a rant from Dave who claims we have been lied to.


Wednesday 3rd October – 21:00 BST

Another episode of our popular talk show, where news and views are the topics of the day…


Wednesday 26th September 21:00 BST

Dave Dorn and the VTTalk Team discuss topical chat, and are joined by Daz from Safercigs.co.uk


Wednesday 19th September – 21:00 BST

It’s time for the VTTalk team to bring some topical news and views once again…


Wednesday 12th September – 21:00 BST Join Dave Dorn and the VTTalk Team for another weekly roundup of what is going on in the ecig world. This week the topic […]


Wednesday 5th September – 21:00 BST

Dave and team bring you your favourite talk show..


Wednesday 1st August 21:00 BST – The Vapourtrails team discuss this week in the news of electronic cigarettes, starting with………


Wednesday 25th July – 21:00 BST Dugie and VapingDaz join Dave and Sav for tonights VTTalk, where the team discuss nicotine, are ecigs quit devices, and reasons to switch..


Wednesday 18th July – 21:00 BST

Tonight the subject for discussion is the concentration of chemicals within the vapour we breathe out.


Wednesday 4th July – 21:00 BST Tonight we have a general “ask the presenter” type of show, which are always popular with our viewers. In the studio, Dave is our […]


Wednesday 27th June – 21:00 BST

The VTTalk team bring you another show where YOU ask the questions.Tonight’s guest is Sam Munroe from ECCA.


Wednesday 20th June – 21:00 BST

Your Show, your questions


Wednesday 13th June – 21:00 BST

Your show, your questions.. Your show, your questions.. mgjones74 joins the team tonight for a show where the legal status of ecigs is the main subject.


Wednesday 6th June – 21:00 BST

Your show, your questions. Tonight’s show is a team show, where you get to throw your questions at the team.


Wednesday 30th May – 21:00 BST

Tonight’s guest is ‘Olgit’ Bob, to you and I, who joins the team to discuss the implications, good and bad of the take over of ‘Blu’ electronic cigarettes.


Wednesday 23rd May – 21:00 BST

Another episode of Your Favourite Show, where you are posing the questions.


Wednesday 16th May – 21:00 BST

Join Dave and the Team for another exciting show, where you pose the questions.


Wednesday 9th May – 21:00 BST

VTTalk takes to the Airwaves once again, so dont miss this popular show where you ask the questions. This week we hope to bring you a representative from Intellicig.


Wednesday 2nd May – 21:00 BST
Join the VTTalk Team for the show where YOU ask the questions.


Wednesday 25th April – 21:00 BST
Once again, VTTalk takes to the air with the popular show that lets you set the questions.


Wednesday 18th April – 21:00 BST

Your show, your questions, the VTTV team, once again makes sure your questions are put forward.


Wednesday 11th April – 21:00 BST

Another show where the questions come from you ! And this weeks guest is Alix from Alston in Cumbria, a new vaper, but one who is keen to help others.


Wednesday 4th April – 21:00 BST

Join Dave and the Team for another show where you ask the questions, and this week VapingDaz is here to answer them


Wednesday 28th March – 21:00 GMT

Join the team for another episode of the Show where YOU pose the questions.


Wednesday 21st March – 21:00 GMT

Dave and the VTTalk team bring you another episode of this popular show, where you get the chance to ask questions on a topical subject, and this week the subject is once again Batteries, and how to blow them up, and a mention to the World Vaping Day event we have planned.


Wednesday 14th March – 21:00 GMT

Rolygate will be joining the VTTalk team, Kev from VP, and Mike From Buzz, to talk about his proposed “Safe Spec” for tube mods.


Wednesday 7th March – 21:00 GMT

Jon Hepworth, the writer of the theme music from The Haze Hour will be joining Dave, in the studio, picking a starter kit…


Wednesday 29th February – 21:00 GMT

Tonight’s guest is James Dunworth (Ashtray blog fame) and his MD Jean Rasbridge from The Smokers Angel, ecigarettedirect.co.uk


Wednesday 22nd February – 21:00

Another week – another VTTalk, with topical subjects to ask questions from the floor to the team. This week Dave Kitson joins the team from Germany

VTTalk – Batteries

Wednesday 15th February – 21:00 GMT

Dave and the Team bring you another opportunity of bringing your questions forward to our guest or indeed the VTTalk Team.


Wednesday 8th February – 21:00 GMT Dave and the Team prepare for another show where you ask the questions. Tonight’s guest is Rolygate representing ECCA.

VTTalk – Beginners Questions

Wednesday 1st February – 21:00 GMT

Join the VTTalk team for another interesting question and answer session with beginners in mind.

VTTalk – Rolygate & Mik Dahl

Wednesday 25th January – 21:00 GMT

VTTalk, once again, will give you, the viewer, the chance to bring your questions to the team, or the guest of the evening…

VTTalk with Daz & Garry Dibley

Wednesday 18th January – 21:00 GMT

Another show designed with you, the viewer in mind, Dave and the team take questions from Chat for themselves and their guest for the evening to answer.

VTTalk – Guest:Tim Green

Wednesday 11th January – 21:00 GMT

Dave and the team once again bring you the show where you get to ask the questions.

VTTalk with Bezz

Wednesday 4th January – 21:00 GMT

Dave and the team are back after a Seasonal break, and what better way to start the New Year but by answering your questions on what 2012 may bring for Vapers everywhere…

VTTalk with a difference..

Wednesday 21st December – 21:00 GMT

As Dave is currently unavailable, Tim is stepping in to host a show with a difference.. VTTalk with YOU as the guest… and by you, we mean several members of Chat…

VTTalk with VTTV Team

Wednesday 14th December ~ 21:00 GMT

VTTalk, the team once again bring you a show to call your own, where you have the chance to put your questions to a guest.

VTTalk – Brandon Ward Returns

Wednesday 7th December ~ 21:00 GMT

Brendon Ward proved such a popular guest on last weeks show, that we have invited him to come along and answer some of the questions that came in, but lack of time, stopped us asking..

VTTalk with Guest Brandon Ward

Wednesday 30th November ~ 12:00 GMT

Dave and the Team bring you another chance to throw questions at a guest, and this week, the guest is Brandon Ward from Evolv, so any Darwin or Kick questions, the man will be around from 9pm to answer them.

VTTalk with Imeo

Wednesday 23rd November – 21:00 GMT

VTTalk – Box Elder

Wednesday 16th November – 21:00 GMT

Dave Dorn and team invite Katherine & Tom from ECITA to give their opinions on the Box Elder nicotine situation.


Wednesday 9th November – 21:00

Dave and the team bring you another episode of VTTalk, your chance to place questions to Dave, the team, and any guests we may have on the night…

VTtalk LIVE from TW in Wigan

2nd November @ 8pm (note the earlier time) GMT

Dave Dorn and the team will be bringing you VTTalk live from the new Totally Wicked shop in Wigan, so if you have any questions for Mr Wicked, or even his alter ego, Jason Cropper, then here is your chance. Be ready with drinks, food, and RY4, you don’t want to miss a minute of this one.

VTTalk -ECCA Follow Up..

Wednesday 26th October ~ 21:00 GMT.

VTTalk follows up last weeks show where ECCA’s Sam Munroe and Russell Ord, talked about ECCA and its aims and ambitions prior to the AGM on 22nd October, so now there is a new Committee in place, we have more questions to ask..

VTTalk with guests Sam Monroe and Russell Ord

Wednesday 19th October ~ 21:00 GMT

An Hour with Dave and the team, talking about all things ecig and taking questions from Chat.

VTTALK from Barnsley

Wednesday 12th October 20:00 GMT ~ A special edition of VTTALK , with all the team, coming to you at the earlier time of 8pm from the Anglers Rest in Barnsley.

VTTalk ~ 5th Oct. 11

Wednesday 5th October – 21:00 GMT

Get ready with your questions for Dave and the team on VTTalk.

VTTalk 28-09

Join Dave, Cat and Sav for more chat and interaction as Vapourtrails TV Talks…

VTTalk Dibley Hour

This weeks VTTalk features the regular monthly visit from the Modfather, tin your tips and solder on regardless….

VTTalk 14 Sept

Join Sav, Dave, Cat and Special Guest, Rusty (of the boolarks fame) for 90 minutes of chat and carry on… Don’t mention pussy…

VTTalk with BEZZ!

Had a happy Monday? Have a whale of a Wednesday as Dave and Sav are joined by Bez – bring you own universal translator…

VTTalk – the return of Keith

Tune in and join Dave and Keith – find out what makes a real newbie tick, ask questions and get answers…

VTTalk With Top Reviewer Igetcha (Scott)

Wednesday 24th August – 21:00 BST

Joining Cat & Sav is Igetcha69, who will be taking the hot seat to answer your ecig and vaping questions.

VTTALK with MightyMouse & Sav

Wednesday 17th August – 21:00 BST

Join Cat for another hour of YOUR questions. Our Guest Experts tonight are Garry Dibley, the Modfather, and from across the pond, our soon to be new presenter, MightyMouse.

VTTalk – With Cat & The Modfather

Wednesday 10th August – 21:00 BST

As Dave Dorn is on holiday, Cat will attempt to take over the controls, and invite Garry Dibley along to help answer all those questions she wont be able to.

VTTalk – with the Modfather!

Join the VTTalk team with special guest Garry Dibley – 9pm

VTTalk episode 6

Join the team – phone in on 01172 302 794 or skype:Hifistud

VTTalk Episode 5

Wednesday 20 July, 9pm BST:
Join Dave, Cat and Sav for the talk-in of the week – phone in on 01172 302 794 or skype hifistud

VTTalk – Episode 4

VTTalk Ep 4: July 13th 20011, 9pm BST:
Join Dave, Cat and Sav in the chatroom, where your questions will be answered

Sunday Special VTTalk

VTTalk: Ep 4, Sunday 10th July, 8pm BST
The two Daves take your calls and natter between themselves – who knows what might happen?

VTTalk Episode 3

Join Dave, Cat and Sav in the chatroom, where your questions will be answered – and MarkyD’s Apex Alpha Ultramax gets sorted!

VTTalk episode 2 ~ 29th June

VTTalk ep 2: Wednesday 29th June 9pm:

Join Dave D and Cat as they answer your questions via chat , Skype and Phone on 0117 2302 RY4 – the topics are up to you!

VTTalk – the new show on VTTV

Got a problem? Need some help? Got a question that you just can’t answer?
Tune in on Wednesday to VTTalk, the phone-in and Q&A show that’s there to help YOU!