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Team Banter

Monday 1st June – 21:00  


Wednesday 16th April – 21:00 BST

It’s the last scheduled TeamTalk, will you miss us? or will you be glad to see the back of us. I’m sure that will come up for discussion in tonight’s show.


Wednesday 12th March – 21:00 GMT

National NO SMOKING Day, but will the team have anything to say about it, or will the conversation simply be about finger nails and hair do’s? join them and see…


Wednesday 5th March – 21:00 GMT Tonight the team are working together with Chat in order to test out MakeTV on a block viewing session.  We do apologize to viewers […]


Wednesday 26th February – 21:00 GMT

The Team discuss today’s events in the EU, and they are not so sombre as some would think they should be.


Wednesday 19th February
Dr Farsalinos joins the team for a chat about the work he is doing.


Wednesday 12th February – 21:00 GMT

Tonight the Team wonder if the Gales are going to wash them away, but no doubt they will be around long enough to chat about the subjects of the week.


Wednesday 5th February – 21:00 GMT

It’s Wednesday and the team are back in a hangout and chatting over the recent events and news of the week.


The Team are back and tonight the topic of discussion is the recent Radio 4 program on ecigs.


Wednesday 22nd January – 21:00 GMT

The Team get together to try and cheer everyone up after the problems of the last couple of days.


Wednesday January 15th – 21:00 GMT

The Team get together and have a chat about coils, ecigs that “blow up” and spit in your eye, as well as discussing The Golden Globes and the celebs who vaped there.. and of course, generally have a giggle…


Wednesday 8th January – 21:00 GMT

Yes the team hits the Airwaves once again for a show where nothing is scripted

TeamTalk – Halloween

Thursday 31st October – 21:00 GMT

A Halloween special from the VTTV team, where ghosts and ghouls make us the usual team.


Tuesday 29th October – 21:00 GMT

Marco is down with the virus that seems to be going around the VTTV team, so the few who are still on their feet will do an impromptu show.

EU TPD Special

Tuesday 8th October – 20:30 BST

Voting day at the EU. We bring you a brief discussion on how the day went


Sunday 6th October – 21:00 BST

Tonight the team tell you about their BBC interview, and discuss various points raised by that, and encourage everyone to visit the TPD Live Chat page on Facebook. And as for anything else. well who knows?


Tuesday 1st October – 21:00 BST

The Team get together once again for a bit chat over a cuppa, who knows what could get talked about tonight..


Sunday 29th September – 21:00 BST

Join the Team for another TeamTalk. While DK is away… the team will play… and he went and left that Tackle Box unlocked.


Tuesday 24th September – 21:00 BST

Tonight the Team talk about Andy Sutton’s new SWOF video, and revisit the subject of exploding ecigs.


Sunday 22nd September – 21:00 BST

TeamTalk is back while Dave Kitson enjoys his holidays.

World Vaping Day!

Thursday 19th September – 20:30 BST

Join the VTTV Team both in and out of the studio tonight for a World Vaping Day celebration.


Tuesday 17th September – 21:00 Thirty minutes of team chat takes to the AIR while Marco is on holiday


Sunday 8th September – 21:00 BST

Tonight the VTTV Team are joined by Andy Sutton and vaper/vendor Mark Shawe


Monday 2nd September – 21:00 BST

As Garry isn’t too well with a bad back, the TeamTalk team are stepping in, along with Sponsor, Darren Burns of Safercigs, who for tonight is chatting vaper to vaper.

TeamTalk Hazey Style

Thursday 29th August – 21:00 BST

Dr Farsalinos will be joining the team tonight.


Wednesday 28th August – 21:00 BST

Tonight the VTTV Team are joined by Katherine Devlin, vaper and representative of ECITA.

TeamTalk does The Hazey Hour

Thursday 22nd August – 21:00 BST

Garry Dibley joins the team tonight to talk about Clones, Mechanical Mods, and maybe Vapefest, who knows..


Wednesday 21st August – 21:00 BST

Andy Sutton joins the team tonight for a bit of a chat about SWOF, and to discuss various news items from the last week.


Wednesday 14th August – 21:00 BST The VTTV team get together for another informal chat about this and that, especially that, direct from a Google Hangout.


Wednesday 7th August -21:00 BST

The VTTV team get together for another informal chat about this and that, especially that, direct from a Google Hangout.