vPlayer – The Witching Hour

Cat, Sav & Friends

Tuesday 8th May – 21:00 BST

As Andy won’t be back till next week, Cat & Sav asked some of their vaping friends to help them out and produce a video for the show, and one or did agreed to help out. Also there will be a look at the Vision Ego 2 and some RAWR juice..

Cat & Sav

Tuesday 1st May – 21:00 BST

Mr and Mrs Mist cannot be with you tonight, so Cat and Sav are stepping in with a look at the new Janty Ego X and Cat shows you how she makes up the wick for the Line..

The Potting Shed

Tuesday 14th February – 21:00 GMT

It’s Valentines Day, and no doubt that has caused a few problems for Tim, so Cat has stepped in as a very poor second to bring you an hour of chat..

The Best Of Shows

Thursday 22nd December – 21:00 GMT

As Dave is currently unavailable, we are currently putting together a Best Of Shows, VTTV style, with Cat & Sav hosting..

The Witching Hour

Tuesday 22nd November – 20:00 GMT

Join Cat and Sav for a closer look at the Liquinator Tank and an update on the Vapouriz, as well as a close look at the new Era from Ritchy..

The Witching Hour

Tuesday 15th November 20:00 GMT

Part 2 of ‘E-cigs The Early Years’ brings you 2009 and 10, and hopefully Forum Watch will be back, and no doubt a dose of the giggles thrown in for good luck, when Cat and Sav bring you The Witching Hour once again..

The Witching Hour

Tuesday 8th November 20:00 GMT

The girls get together for another look at the gossip, and report on their trip to Wigan, amongst other ecig related chat.

The Witching Hour

1st November ~ 20:00 GMT

The Sun Pipe.. yes Cat and Sav have one, and will be demonstrating its ability amongst other things no doubt…

The Witching Hour

Tuesday 25th October – 20:00 GMT

Cat and Sav bring another hour of fun, Forum Watch, and part two of the Mark T rebuildable attomiser.

The Witching Hour

Tuesday 18th October ~ 20:00 GMT

Cat & Sav have a informal hour of chat and some new purchases, and a gift Cat received from RawVeg, as well as the ecig she won at the raffle held at the Anglers Rest in Barnsley. And of course, Forum Watch will make an appearance somewhere along the line.

The Witching Hour

Tuesday 11th October 20:00 GMT – Cat and Sav show some new footage of Mr Wicked at Driffield, and look at some VG & PG purchases. And of course, Forum Watch…

The Witching Hour ~ 4th Oct. 11

Tuesday 4th October ~ 20:00 BST

Cat & Sav have a look around the forums as to what’s new out there. Some more ideas for room 101 to discuss with everyone.

The Witching Hour ~ Episode 34

Monday 26th September 20:00 BST

This week Cat & Sav are changing days with the Vapourmists due to some PC problems Andy is tackling that may not be sorted in time.

In tonight’s episode Cat and Sav will be looking at the new feature of ‘Forum Watch’ which they hope to introduce over the next week or two.

The Witching Hour – Episode 33

Tuesday 20th September 20:00 BST.

Cat & Sav together again for a hour of ecig and juice chat. Videos are out just now, due to software problems, which makes a change from Cat breaking things.

The Witching Hour – Episode 32

Tuesday 13th September 20:00 BST

The Cat is back, with an episode of catch ups, and replays, hopefully of stuff that didnt go out. So hopefully the APL A580 will get aired, and a quick look at CE3’s for the last time. A viewers video will also hopefully make an appearance.

The Witching Hour – With Mighty Mouse

Tuesday 6th Sept, 8pm BST

Something mighty this way mouses – Join MM for fun, frolics and aegis and bacon from 8pm!

The Witching Hour – Episode 30

Tuesday 30th August – 20:00 BST. Cat doesn’t seem quite herself in this episode, and maybe she will explain exactly why…

The Witching Hour – Episode 29

Tuesday 23rd August ~ 20:00 BST

This weeks Witching Hour consists of a fresh look at the APL-A580, this one from Safercigs.co.uk, and a further update on the BUD. Sav has some juices from Vapourworld.co.uk, and the Liqua range of juices come out of the box.

The Witching Hour – Episode 28

Tuesday 16th August – 20:00 BST

Cat and Sav bring you another hour of ecig and juice chit chat. With the chance of a guest turning up. What will it be this week? well CE3’s will come up, as will DCC’s once again, this time the metal kind, will they prefer them to the clear ones?

The Witching Hour – Episode 27

Tuesday 9th August – 20:00 BST

This week Cat & Sav have a look at the Bud Sapphire, some of Grizwalds Juices, and attempt a Skype Chat with MightyMouse… again….

The Witching Hour – Episode 26

Tuesday 2nd August 20:00 BST

Is the Darwin the right E-Cig for those who dont understand Ohms? well find out when Cat and Sav discuss their findings.

The Witching Hour – Episode 25

Tuesday 26th July – 20:00 BST

This week Cat and Sav have a look at some Mega Dual Coil Cartomisers, which hold 5ml and try them out with some Vermillion River Juices. Hopefully there will not be any How Not To’s, but you never know..

Vapourmist Substitute Chat

The Vapourmists had to cancel, so Cat stepped in and did her normal chat with the room, joined speedily by Dave Dorn via phone

The Witching Hour – Episode 24

Episode 24 – Tuesday 19th July 20:00 BST

Reluctantly Cat has agreed to show the very worst of her ‘How Not To’ videos, by public demand. And she and Sav will be looking at some more of the UKEliquid juices, as well as the TW 2.4 -2.6 ohm 510 Clearo’s.

Haze Hour Substitute

Thursday -14th July – 21:00pm

A fun show of general chat, put on by Cat, as requested by the folk waiting in chat, when they didnt see the news reports that the Haze Hour had to be rescheduled.

The Witching Hour – Episode 23

Episode 23 – Tuesday 12th July 20:00 GMT

Get those videos into Cat via Skype “janty-cat” as this weeks show is going to be all about you ! Hopefully if Wirecast is working well, its an opportunity to see the videos thus far submitted and some new ones, if you get them into me before Monday night…

The Witching Hour – Episode 22

Episode 22 – Tuesday 5th July 20:00 GMT

This week Cat looks a little more in depth into her DCC’s and has another look at the APL-A580 cartomiser purchased last week. Of course there will be a How Not To… she is good at them.

The Witching Hour – Episode 20

Episode 20 – Tuesday 21st June 20:00 GMT

Viewers Reviews, The Iolite, Boge Carto’ How To, It’s all in The Witching Hour this week.

The Witching Hour – Episode 19

Episode 19 – 14th June 20:00 GMT
Cat breaks her MapTank, watch to see how, Cat does a Jez.

The Witching Hour – Episode 18

Episode 18 – Tuesday 7th June 20:00 GMT

Well Cat did have plans, but they have all been turned upside down by the arrival of 5 very demanding orphan kittens

The Witching Hour – Episode 17

Episode 17 – Tuesday 31st May 20:00 GMT

This week, Cat is having a juicy week, with several juice and flavouring appraisals, with some input from Miss SavCam herself, Sav.

The Witching Hour – Episode 16

Episode 16 – Tuesday 24th May 22:00 GMT

This week Cat brings you the show that should have gone out on the 17th May, but due to Ustream problems, couldn’t. But not to worry, it was saved as she recorded it all without the usual help from the guys and gals in chat. The show includes, that dirty GGTS, some FlavorWest flavourings, and a report from Roving Reporter, MightyMouse, dont miss it…

The Witching Hour

Episode 15 – Tuesday 17th May 20:00 GMT: Cat Tries out some of the FlavorWest juice flavourings, and attempts to clean up that dirt from her GG. Tonights show also includes a report from the USA from her Roving Reporter, MightyMouse.

The Witching Hour Episode 14

Episode 14 – Tuesday 10th May – 20:00 GMT: Cat’s actually been out and about this week, so get ready to join her at a Cat Type Meeting

The Witching Hour – Episode 13

Episode 13 – Tuesday 3rd May 20:00 GMT

This week Cat has another new product to show you all, and its not an ecig., but it is related to the care of them. Do you know what it is yet????

The Witching Hour – Episode 12

Episode 12 – Tuesday 26th April 20:00 BST

Cat’s been buying ‘stuff’ that could come in handy. And something that may not come in so handy, an OKS 2011 p, which in English is an electronic pipe. See how she gets on with her new purchases.

The Witching Hour

Episode 11 – Tuesday 19th April -20:00 BST
This week Cat does some in depth investigation into why her GGTS is constantly giving out the dry atty taste and finds some interesting factors.

The Witching Hour

Episode 10 – Tuesday 12th April 20:00 GMT

This week Cat has problems with a Desk and her GGTS, but manages to re-visit Tracy for an update. Johnson Creek Juices are up for appraisal too..

The Witching Hour- Episode 9

Episode 9 – Tuesday – 5th April 20:00 GMT

This week Cat gives her GGTS/UFS its weekly clean and service, can she get it back together again… and working?..

Also its week one of in depth looks at some of the hidden ingredients within our ejuice, starting with Ethyl Maltol, and asks, “What is Ethyl Maltol?”

The Witching Hour

Episode 8 – Tuesday 29th March 20:00 GMT

This week Cat, catches up with Steven to see how he has got on with his efforts to stay away from Tobacco.

Also a look at the Johnson Creek range of juices, and a quick look at The Realis from Liberro.

The Witching Hour

Episode 7 – Tuesday 22nd March 20:00 GMT

Cat mixes up a storm this week when trying out NEAT54 and flavourings from Cloud9Vaping.
Then the floor is yours, as question time begins.

The Witching Hour

Episode 6 – Thursday 17th March 20:00 GMT
Re-Scheduled due to problems with UStream
A total beginner tries an ecig with a view to switching her cigarettes to a starter e-cig kit.

The Witching Hour

Episode 5 – Tuesday 8th March 20:00 hrs

This week Cat reflects back over the 2 years since she bought her first ecig. And her Son, Steven comes along for some advice…

The Witching Hour

Episode 4 – 8:00 pm Tuesday 1st March – This week Cat tackles diluting a ready mixed juice, creates a base from Menthol Crystals, appriases some ready mixed juices, and checks on her Tobacco Absolute Mix.

The Witching Hour

Tobacco Absolute is on the menu in Cat’s Kitchen, as well as a couple of pre-mixes to look at…

The Witching Hour

Ep 2: Tuesday February 15th 2011, 8pm GMT. Ethyl Maltol, Dave’s Devices CaT mod, and a chance to ask questions via the chat room.

The Witching Hour

Ep. 1 Tuesday 8th February, 2011, 8pm GMT – Cat takes a close look at the FAUK ‘Tobacco Road’ flavourings plus a Leo and revolution review with Hifistud.