Garry Dibley












Garry was born and raised in Reading, Berkshire.

After living in many parts of the UK, he finally settled in Sutton, Surrey in the Millenium year.

Starting working life as a TV Engineer with Granada and then moving onto parking equipment as an Electrical Engineer, he can now be found running a small office for a data and telephony company.

Married to Tracy with young daughter, Gemma, who seem to put up with the mad experiments that now come from his garden work shop. Gemma’s always saying, “Daddy can fix anything” Tracy often begs to differ.

screenshot_150Garry changed to vaping in January 2009 and soon the engineer in him decided to take things apart as they failed. Some wacky creations were made and some are still in vapers hands today.

Joining the VTTV team on the 28th January 2012 with a fly on the wall type show, Tin Your Tip, Garry has aimed to bring new modders into the vaping world, hopefully showing them it’s not that hard to make your own.