Brussels – 10th July 2013

On Wednesday 10th July 2013, over 250 vapers from across Europe met together in Brussels to protest, peacefully, against the potential inclusion of Electronic Cigarettes as Medicines in the Revision to the Tobacco Products Directive.

They arranged to meet up at the Place du Luxembourg, where they blew up 2000 balloons which were ‘popped’ at 1pm to commemorate the 2000 plus people who would die on that day with smoking related diseases. Lives that could possibly be saved in future had they been allowed to switch to electronic cigarettes by choice or desire.

On the day the vote went against us, but that was just one battle lost, the war continues..

3 mins of video from the day


To Play the Song “Black Balloons” written and performed by Gerso, click the link below

Black Balloons