“Richard is a proud Scot from the mountains, making him a Highlander, who moved South for warmer weather (a whole 100 miles or so). Despite his upbringing he does not wear a kilt since certain parts are better not left in the cold wind in his home area.
While he attended University he managed to never quite stay long enough to get advanced qualifications.
For many years he worked in the hospitality industry as a Restaurant Manager but has also worked in many other jobs over the years in various fields.

Began his vaping journey on 8th March 2011 and has been happily releasing mini clouds ever since.
Richard is a full hobbyist in vaping and mixes his own liquids as well as building his own devices (even sold a few on occasion). He is passionate advocating for vaping so others will have the opportunity to discover it. Suffers from some mental health issues but doesn’t bite (much) and is safe in public (mostly).”