Davey Mallick


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Davey was born in 1978 and raised in Wolverhampton by his Dad from Kolkata and Mum from Durham. He lives in South Staffordshire with his wife, Paula, who was a childhood friend, and is a father to three girls (Sophie, Bethany and Olivia)

Davey started smoking aged 9 but made the switch to e-cigs after Olivia was born in June 2012 when Paula saw an advert in a magazine which made him research them.

The appeal of vaping to Davey is trying different juices and devices and feels very strongly that the variety currently available is paramount to helping him stick with e-cigs along with the community that has helped him on his journey.

Davey is currently studying Astro Physics part time but previously worked as Planning and Information Manager for a major international company with clients ranging from national transport companies to the Olympics until illness followed by a bad injury cut things short. He is known to be laid back and likes to laugh but can sometimes be a complete git and have a good rant. His kids call him Thor because when he shouts at them it’s like thunder. His wife calls him lots of things…he prefers Thor.